“I was looking for a church, and like Goldilocks, I couldn’t find one that was just right, until I found All Saints, in Leonia. The reason I am so happy with All Saints is because religious faith is front and center. Starting with the priest, Reverend Dean Weber, and continuing through the whole congregation, it is obvious this congregation is sincere about its faith. I believe sermons are exremely important as a guide to scripture, and what I like about Dean Weber’s sermons, is that while they are intelligent (this is very important to me, “the spirit not the letter of the law” is what attracted me to the Episcopal Church in the first place), they are rooted in spirituality. The congregation is friendly and welcoming, and I leave each Sunday, uplifted and ready to face the world.”

“The people are friendly, welcoming!”

“It is a small community where you get to know each other well”

“It is a kid-friendly church”

“The liturgy is a heartfelt expression of their faith”

“The Holy Spirit is very evident in the liturgy”

“I come here for the people, I am comfortable and feel loved here”

“Community of people interacting together for each other in these warm wonderful buildings”

“You can sense the history in the building and the people that worship here show an abiding love for each other and what they have together”

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