Discipline is an integral part of the whole classroom environment. Room arrangement, routines and the daily schedule affect how children behave.  If too many children are squeezed at one table, if aisles between tables are too narrow, children will push and hit.  If children are asked to sit for long periods of time that are too long for them, they will squirm and shout.  If periods of activity do not follow periods of sitting still, children will also act out by hitting and banging nearby toys.

Children need to know what the behavior is that teachers expect from them.  Teachers must make these expectations clear.  When we enter the room, I want everyone to sit on the rug.  Expectations should be repeated right before they are expected to be done.  They should be developmentally appropriate and in short pieces.  Now, I am going to call the children who are sitting quietly, to wash their hands.

Teachers that know child development have less discipline problems.  They know that all chaos will let loose if they say “Okay children, it is time for lunch,” rather than “When you hear your name, you may walk and sit at the lunch table.”

There are times when children do hit and grab even though the classroom teacher is well organized and knowledgeable of child development.  At these times, a variety of techniques can be used to help a child express in simple words the feelings that he/she is physically demonstrating.  State briefly the classroom rule that applies.  “If you do not want to play with him, use your words , not your hands.”  “We say we are angry, we do not hit.”  “I will help you tell Mary that you are angry at her.”

Sometimes children must be watched constantly to prevent them from hurting others.  At times, children must sit out from the group for a few minutes.  Children are NEVER hit.  We will always communicate concerns that may come up.



Children may attend school on prescription medication. We urge parents or a family representative to administer all medication.  Whenever possible, it is best that medication be given at home.  Dosing of medication can be frequently done so that the child receives medication prior to going to school,  and then again when returning home.

The first dose of any medication should always be given at home and with sufficient time before the child returns to school to observe the child’s response to the medication given.

Medication will only be given when ordered by the child’s health provider and with written consent of the child’s parent/ legal guardian.  All information on the Permission to Administer Medication Form must be completed before the medication can be given. Please ask your child’s teacher for a copy of this form.  Copies of this form can and should be duplicated.

“As needed” medications may be given only when the child’s health care provider completes a Permission Form that lists specific reasons and times when such medication can be given.

Any prescription medication brought to school must be specific to the child who is to receive the medication, in its original container, have a child-resistant cap, and be labeled with the appropriate information as follows:


*the pharmacists phone number

*the child’s full name

*name of the child’s health care provider prescribing the medication

*the date it was prescribed or updated




*any special instructions for its administration and storage

When bringing in medication to be administered at school, parents are required to supply the appropriate measuring device  needed to give the accurate dose of medicine.

Whenever bringing in medication, please inform your child’s teachers.  Do not leave medicine in a child’s cubby or lunchbox.  Please hand the medicine and the Permission Form to the child’s teacher.

WE DO NOT ADMINISTER ANY OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION.   Parents may not give their child Tylenol while he/she is in school to reduce a fever.  This will only mask the illness.


You are asked to pay a yearly accident insurance fee which is part of the registration fee.  The policy covers anything (up to $10,000) that your personal policy does not cover.  If you have no coverage, it covers up to $10,000.  If a child is injured and needs medical attention you will be called immediately.  If we are unable to reach you, we will accompany your child  to one of the local hospitals.


Your child must have a spare set of clothing (Pants, shirt, socks & underwear) in his/her cubby.  Dress your child in strong, durable play clothes so they can fully participate in all activities. We go outdoors in the winter, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately (hats, mittens, and boots).  We also allow the children to experiment with mud and water on the playground.  Free and safe exploration of the environment expands  their creative potentials.

Please label all your child=s clothing and belongings.


Parents and guardians are urged to bring all classroom questions and concerns directly to their child’s teacher.  The director is available for follow-up discussions and for all concerns regarding school policy. You may call teachers or leave a message anytime during the day.  The school may be visited by a parent or guardian at any time.  Please note, if the child becomes upset while the parent/guardian is leaving, we may ask you to take the child with you.

Notes and newsletters from the Director, and Teachers are sent home in individual lunch boxes or cubbies. Copies of these communications are frequently posted on bulletin boards.

Sign in/out sheets are required by the State of New Jersey.  They transfer your child to and from our custody.  They also may convey important information.

Please call us if your child will be absent or arriving to school later than his/her regular time.

Good communication between parents and teachers is essential.  Feel free to discuss with your child’s teacher any problems or concerns you may have.


A health history form must be filled out by a physician prior to enrollment.  The state of New Jersey requires children to have a TB test, DPT, OPV, HIB, HEP B, Varicella, MMR, Influenza , Pneumococcal  and Blood Lead Screening.  Any special medications, allergies, etc. should be clearly spelled out.

It is very important that you  inform us of each immunization so we can update our records accordingly.  


Since All Saints Child Care Center is not a sick care facility equipped to handle ill children , for their safety and the safety of others we require that all sick children be picked up within one hour of a parent or guardian being called.  It is essential that you keep the information on your Emergency Form up to date so you can be reached if your child becomes ill.

Children will not be admitted to school by any teacher if they have any of the following conditions:

 >FEVER within the past 24 hours (100. or higher)

 >RASH, unless we have a note from a doctor stating it is not contagious.

 >RUNNY, CRUSTY EYES, unless accompanied by a doctor’s note.



 >RUNNING NOSES that look like they indicate infection.

 >HEAVY COUGHS that have not been examined and treated.

If any of the above symptoms appear during the day, your child

will be  sent home and may not return to school the following day.

Your child must be symptom free for 24 hours before  returning to school.  The school reserves the right to make the final decision as to whether a child is well enough to attend. We require 2 back up people to be notified if you are unavailable.

Medical policies are set specifically to protect your child from exposure to illness.  We rely on your cooperation in this effort.

Keep your child home from school if:

  • he/she is too sick to take part in activities comfortably
  • he/she needs more care than the staff can provide
  • his/her illness risks spreading to others
  • he/she is not well enough to play outdoors

*ALLERGIES:  Please  let us know of ANY allergies your child may have, especially FOOD allergies.

General Policies:


You are required to sign your child in and out of the center each day. This record is proof that your child is on site.  If a child is to be picked-up by someone other than a legal guardian, prior notification is required.   A photo ID is required for anyone picking-up a child.


Tuition is due and payable the first week of each month in advance.  There is $20.00 late charge for each week (7 day period) that tuition is late.  Tuition can be paid by check, money order or credit card.  We accept  Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.  If the tuition is one month late, you will be asked to withdraw your child from the Center unless you have made special arrangements with the director.  There are NO DEDUCTIONS in tuition for any absences, illness or vacation.


If you are not enrolled in the Extended Care Program your late fees will be $1.00 per minute (per child) from 6:01 to 6:30 and $5.00 per minute thereafter.  Late Fees for the Extended Care children after the hour of 6:30pm will be $5.00 per minute, per child.


There is a returned check fee of $25.00.  Once a check has been returned, All Saints will no longer accept personal checks.  Tuition Payments must then be made by certified check, money order, or by credit card.


A rest time is built into our daily schedule from 12:30-2:30 (infants have their own rest schedules) to accommodate the rest needs of the children in this age group.  It is required by the State of New Jersey that children under 5 years old are offered the opportunity to rest in an environment that is conducive to such an activity.  Therefore, during nap time, the classrooms are darkened and each child is provided with a mat, their personal blankets and sheets (these must be provided by the parents and laundered by the parents weekly) and quiet music is played.  Children who do not fall asleep within 30 minutes are provided with alternate quiet activities.  As this rest period is mandated by the State of New Jersey, parents may not request that the staff “keep their children up” or otherwise deprive the children of this rest time.


Parents must provide clean nap items weekly for their child.  These items include a sheet and blanket, and for the Infant Room, a fitted pack n play sheet and blanket.

Parents must provide a complete change of clothing for their child and update these with the change of seasons.  A complete change of clothing consists of a shirt, pants, underwear and socks. Parents of children in the younger classrooms should provide additional sets of underwear, pants, socks, and shoes (if possible) during potty training (if applicable).

Children must come to school in clothing appropriate for the current season.  Children must also come to school with the appropriate outdoor attire (jacket, gloves, hat…)  We try to take the children out every day, even in cold weather.

During the summer months, parents are required to apply sunscreen to their child prior to coming to school.   Parents need to provide sunscreen for the staff to reapply in the afternoon.

Parents of children who are not potty trained must supply diapers, ointment/diaper crème and wipes.

Parents must provide a healthful, complete lunch and snacks for their child daily.  High-sugar content items such as candy and soda are not permitted.  All Saints provides two snacks a day for children (morning and afternoon).  Foods that need to be heated up prior to service are acceptable.   Please remember that All Saints is a NUT-FREE school.


All Saints Child Care Center offers 2 formal opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s development with their teacher.  One opportunity is in November and the second is in May. Teachers are minimally available to speak with parents during the school day.  Please remember, that the staff is scheduled to supervise and work with the children during the school day.  They are not available to speak at length when parents come to drop off or pick up.  If parents need to discuss something in detail with the teacher, parents are encouraged to schedule a separate meeting and/or arrange for a telephone conference.


Our center closes when Leonia Public Schools close.

Listen to WOR (71am), WCBS (88am), or WINS (1010am) for notice of school closings.  If snow starts during the day, we may close early.  We will call you as soon as the decision is made.  We know that this causes trouble for many of you, but the safety of your children and our staff is our main objective.  We will try our best to leave a message on the All Saints phone by 6:00am. 201-947-1288

If Leonia announces a delayed opening we will open at 9:30.


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