Child Care Events


Holiday and seasonal activities are planned year around.  Children enrolled in our Primary through Pre-k classes perform in three shows a year.  These include a Thanksgiving Show in November, a Holiday Show in December and a Pot Luck/ Graduation Show in June.  Families are invited to attend the shows and watch their children perform on stage, singing various songs that they have learned at school.


Children have a chance to dress up and show off their Halloween costumes. They have spooky parties in their classrooms and have a chance to Trick or Treat around the school.

Pajama Day:

Children in the entire school participate in Pajama Day where they may wear their pajamas to school to help raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


The Pre-k Class has an annual Bike-a-thon during the month of June to raise funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Back To School Night:

During the month of October we have our annual Back To School Night. This evening gives parents an opportunity to meet their child=s teachers and learn about the school day.   It is also a great opportunity  for parents to meet one another.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

Parent/Teacher Conferences are held in November and May.

This gives parents a formal opportunity to discuss their child’s development with the Group Teacher .  During these conferences parent and teachers review the child’s Social and Emotional Skills, Work habits, Fine and Gross  Motor Skills, Listening ad  Speaking Skills and Self-Reliance Skills.

Picture Day:

Scholastic Book Fair:

 We host an annual Scholastic Book Fair.  Visiting the Book Fair is like visiting a book store just for young children.  All out titles have been carefully selected by reputable educators and editors, especially for children between the ages of 1-8.  What is the best part of the Book Fair is the school benefits from the Book Fair.  Profits from the Book Fair are used to purchase books for the child care center.


We will be delighted to celebrate your child’s birthday at school.  Our experience has taught us that small children enjoy simplicity.  Check with your child’s teacher for an appropriate  time.  A cupcake or cookie for each child is all that is necessary. (No balloons please)   If you would like to attend your child’s birthday party, and your child has difficulty separating from you, we may ask you to take your child with you when you leave.

End of the Year Celebration:

All Saints Child Care Center celebrates the achievements of the children at the end of the academic year, in June.  The celebration is usually celebrated with short presentations by the children, and presentations of “diplomas” for graduating children.

A pot lock menu is offered.