About All Saints Child Care Center


All Saints Child Care Center is committed to providing a top quality child care program for children.  We encourage the development of self-esteem, discovery and problem-solving skills in a warm , caring and nurturing environment.  Our programs are developmentally appropriate and are planned to maximize social, emotional, https://es.medadvice.net/nulaslim/ cognitive and physical growth in each child. работа в спб The programs are individualized работа мск and the staff set goals for the children based on each child’s stage of development and concurrent needs.  Careful structuring of t it.medadvice.net he environment provides space and time for children to explore and develop their interests. https://jobitel.com


All Saints Child Care Center has been in existence since 1956.  It трудоустройство в сбп operates under the auspices of All Saints Episcopal Church.  Its programs are non-profit and non-sectarian.  The Preschool programs are licensed by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services, https://fr.medadvice.net/keto-pure Licensing Division.  The staff includes teachers educated in Early Childhood Education.   All teachers are CPR certified.


Discipline is an integral part of the whole classroom environment. Room arrangement, routines and the daily schedule affect how children behave.  If too many children are squeezed at one table, if aisles between tables are too narrow, children will push and hit.  If работа в москве children are asked to sit for long periods of time that are too long for them, they will squirm and shout.  If periods of activity do not follow periods of sitting still, children will also act out by hitting and banging nearby toys. www.jobitel.com/

Children need to know what the behavior is that teachers expect from them.  Teachers must make these expectations clear.  When we enter the room, I want everyone to sit on the rug.  Expectations should be repeated right before they are expected to be done.  They should be developmentally appropriate and in short pieces.  Now, I am going to call the children who are sitting quietly, to wash their hands.

Teachers that know child development have less discipline problems.  They know that all chaos will let loose if they say “Okay children, it is time for lunch,” rather than “When you hear your name, you may walk and sit at the lunch table.”

There are times when children do hit and grab even though the classroom teacher is well organized and knowledgeable of child development.  At these times, a variety of techniques can be used to help a child express in simple words the feelings that he/she is physically demonstrating.  State briefly the classroom rule that applies.  “If you do not want to play with him, use your words, not your hands.”  “We say we are angry, we do not hit.”  “I will help you tell Mary that you are angry at her.”

Sometimes children must be watched constantly to prevent them from hurting others.  At times, children must sit out from the group for a few minutes.  Children are NEVER hit.  We will always communicate concerns that may come up.




We provide juice and snack in both the morning and работа в москве late afternoon. (school snacks include toasted oats (similar to cheerios), animal crackers, saltines, graham crackers, cheese its/nips.) Parents must provide a lunch for their child. (hot or cold; hot lunches are warmed up in our microwaves).

Popcorn and nuts of any kind are not permitted. Parents of children under three years must peel and cut food (hot dogs should be cut into quarters).

Breakfast is not scheduled part of the program. We do realize, however, that on occasion you may need to feed your child breakfast here.  We ask that you sit with your child in a designated area while they eat.  Breakfast is over by 8:30am.

When bringing in a Special Snack for the entire class to enjoy, please include an ingredient label. www.fr.medadvice.net   Also, when brining in a cake or cupcakes for a party, an ingredient label is required.


We have a wide selection of equipment and toys. Due to the risk of damage, sharing issues https://mailorderbride.pro and loss, children are not permitted to bring in toys from home, unless specifically requested by the classroom teacher for use as part of the curriculum.  They are distracting and most toys are not made for large group use.

If a child needs to bring a stuffed animal or security blanket to help the transitional period, we have no objections.

If your child brings pieces of our toys home in pockets or lunch boxes, please return them. Missing pieces render some of our equipment useless.